Maintenance and Stores

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Maintenance consists of laundry, compound, electricity, waste disposal unit (incinerator, lagoon), water department, carpentry, motor vehicles maintenance, metal works and fabrication.



Main store for medical supplies and medicines, minor store for equipments from carpentry, welding and store for food items.

MARACHA HOSPITAL RESTAURANT. Suitably located and provides variety of foods and entertainment, Wi-Fi, outside catering etc.


CHAPLAINCY- has the St. Luke’s Chapel.


ST. JOSEPH’s HOSPITAL MARACHA LABORATORY TRAINING INSTITUTE. Where we train lab assistants on a 2 year certificate course. Plans are underway to develop a college of health sciences to provide nursing and midwifery training, clinical medicine and public health, biomedical training, anesthesia etc.

STAFF QUARTERS. – has residence for doctors, nurses, midwives, administrative staffs, laboratory staffs, clinical officers, anesthetists, pharmacy staffs, interns and volunteers.