In Patient Department

The best care


The in patient department includes many different departments:

1)Paediatric: (with a special care unit, nutrition unit) where conditions in children below 12 years are managed. We are in the process of mobilizing funds for a Neonatal intensive care unit. 

2)Medical: (includes TB ward, and private medical ward) where health conditions in those above 12 years of age are managed.

3) Maternity: Has a delivery room, and admission rooms for obstetric conditions majority of which are post-natal, post-operative room, antenatal and gynecology room.

4) Surgical department: Where patients with general surgical conditions e.g. hernia, hemorrhoid, intestinal obstructions etc. are admitted, operated and managed. Also has rooms for trauma patients especially trauma patients on traction.

In-patient laboratory. Where lab investigations like Blood chemistry, Complete blood count, microscopy, gene xpert etc. are performed. We in process of developing a microbiology lab.


5) Laboratory: Services are provided for the entire hospital for routine tests and emergencies.


6) Radialogy: We offer a number of different radialogy services. 

7) Administration: Helps to coordinate the running of the hospital.