Curative Services

The hospital provides curative services for common infectious diseases including malaria, typhoid, pneumonia, diarrheal diseases, skin infections, liver diseases (hepatitis B Infections), HIV etc. Also trauma and common surgical conditions.

Rehabilitative Services

Rehabilitation services are offered after stroke, mental illnesses, trauma, and severe acute malnutrition.

Health Promotion

St. Joseph's Hospital offers health education, community dialogues and sensitization in order to promote healthy living.

Medical Research

St. Joseph's offers medical research and laboratory training for interested candidates.

Public Health

These services help in disease prevention through immunization for childhood killer diseases.

Health Institutions

Maracha Hospital Laboratory Training Institute

Other Services

This includes: restaurant and hospitality, carpentry for all furinture needs, and metal works and fabrication for all welding.

Our departments work hard at: Taking care of your health

Out Patient Department

Serves as a portal of entry to the hospital/admissions

In Patient Department

Patients with cases that require stays at the hospital for various reasons

Maintenance Department

Working to keep the compound clean and well kept for patients, visitors and staff